To say Twit Knit Club is going well so far would be an understatment. I am so shocked by how many people are taking part and loving it (i hope) I literally can't believe it! I was all prepared for it to just be me and my mum sitting at home knitting and crying because no one wanted to join in our twit knit club but NO! so many amazing people are taking part and not only am I having so much fun seeing how everyone is getting along, I also feel like I have made loads of new twitter friends!

My squares are going very well, I have done 6 so far and am hoping to do a few more tonight while watching the baftas (award ceremonys are are almost my favourite things in life). It hadn't even occured to me to do cool patterns until I saw everyone elses awsome squares so I think I will try my first pattern tonight!

If you are already in Twit Knit Club PLEASE keep on going and posting pictures and tweeting! And if you havent started yet it is never to late to join and we would love to have you.

Here are a few pictures of how people have been getting on so far! I'm sorry if you have posted a photo and I havent put it up. Either I haven't found it yet or the website won't let me copy it over!

I love everyone in Twit Knit Club so much and keep on twitting and knitting!

Lovely blue square by @bakebakegirl

Very well knitted white square by @nic361

AMAZING stripes by @aspetalsfall

A very cool pattern by @daniinthegarden

Lovely grey by @kateeroberts

A beautiful blue square/rectangle by @veganmel

A very cool photo and square by @amylouriddick

A few of @rachel_hill INCREDIBLE squares!

A lovely mixture of colours by @mhairigirl

Pretty pastels by @morlehh

Some more from @daniinthegarden

I literally cant BELIEVE how cool these squares by @jobo501 are!

An amazing first square by @emmafreud

Love Scarlett.

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