Macaroon Madness.

Hello :)

This weekend me and my friends had a macaroon class! Macaroons are one of my favourite foods in the entire world and although I have tried to make them before, they always go a little bit wrong so I really wanted to know how to make them properly.

The man who came to teach us was from 'The School of Food' ( and he was such an amazing teacher and made it really fun. We made two different types of macaroons - Pistachio (the green ones) and White Chocolate and Raspberry (the pink ones) although it did take a while, its a really fun recipe to make and I think if you do it a few times it would get much easier.The only ingredients are Egg White, Caster Sugar, Ground Almonds and Icing Sugar and although it seems really scary, once you get the hang of it, it's so much fun so I would really recommend giving it a try!

I really want to try making some different coloured ones and all different kinds of flavours. I also thought it would be funny to mix the colours and flavours so you could have rose flavoured ones that were green or chocolate flavoured ones that were pink.

We also made some heart shaped ones which are so cute and would make the perfect present!

Meanwhile the sponsers for my Knit-Athon have been so amazing and thank you so much to everyone who has sponsered me it means so much! I am also knitting some chicks at the moment in preparation for easter and I will blog about them some time this week.

Here are some pictures of the macaroon class...

Love Scarlett x


  1. wow they look great, v yummy!

  2. Those macs look so .... edible. How great to have a masterclass like that. What is the filling?

  3. Love the heart shaped macaroons - so cute and very 'amour'! Would make a cute gift for a friend. Jen x


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