Some Photos from Cornwall

So, I'm back from Cornwall, and I know I said I would blog more while I was there but as you've probably noticed I didn't. I don't know about you but I find it much harder to blog when it's sunny! We had such a lovely time in Cornwall and we were staying the most beautiful place. It was my first time ever visiting the area and I think I may have fallen in love with it. I recently saved up and bought a Lomo LC-A and I took loads of pictures while I was there. They came out pretty nice and I thought I would share a few. 

We had an amazing deck outside our house looking straight out into the sea. The weather in our second week there was amazing (although personally I prefer the rain) and it was really nice to just be able to sit on the deck and look out at the sea. Seeing as how I haven't been that mobile the past few weeks it was nice to feel like I could experience the seaside without having to move around too much.

The town nearest to our house was called Fowey and I COMPLETELY fell in love with it. I made my mum take me back there every single day and we would just sit on the dock and look into the water. I've never really had that feeling before where you go somewhere you've never been before and just feel totally at home and I'm definitely going back there soon. 

While I was taking photos I experimented with taking a whole roll of film of landscapes, rewinding the film and then taking a whole roll of portraits. The effects were really nice and these two pictures of my brother were my favourites. 

I hope everyone's enjoying the Olympics and the typically English weather. I'm not much of a sports fan at all but I'm staying on my own in the country at the moment and must admit I've gotten pretty into it. I might even have to come up with an olympic themed D.I.Y. while I'm here.

Lots of love Scarly xx


  1. Glad you had a great holiday. Fowey is my favourite place in the world. We stay right in the town a few doors up from White Doll Arts. Can't wait to get back soon.

    1. oh my god me and my mum wen't to white doll arts and literally bought half the shop! It's AMAZING. I can't wait to go back.

    2. My fav shop ever! You need to try tho cafe just down from there called Pinky Murphys! Coolest place ever! X x

  2. What a brilliant idea to over-shoot the landscapes with portraits; the results are really beautifully unusual :)

    Katie x

  3. Love the photos, the last one especially it just seems to work really well.

  4. your photos are so amazing! :)

  5. At risk of sounding like I just recommend books... have you read any Daphne Du Maurier? She loved Fowey, I'd love to go there to see the places she wrote about, great photos


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