Essential Summer Scrapbooking Kit

Something I've been feeling more and more like doing lately is scrapbooking. Or journalling or diary writing or whatever you want to call it. I guess now that I feel like bigger things are happening to me I think it's important to keep track of them. I've seen some scrapbooks online that are just amazing and I guess this always kind of put me off doing it. I felt like mine could never be that beautiful or layered so there was no point.

But since I've started doing it more I've discovered just how easy it really is and how you don't need to do it perfectly. I take a lot of polaroids so all I do is stick a polaroid on a few pages and write a quick description underneath of what the pictures of. I also stick in things like tickets, movie stubs etc and before you know it you have a lovely little scrapbook full of things you want to (or don't want to) remember. 

I really wanted to keep a diary of our time in cornwall so before we left I packed myself a summer scrapbooking kit. I thought it would be a fun thing to share and maybe inspire some people to start there own. The actual scrapbook I'm using is only a tiny postcard size one so it's perfect for polaroids and means you don't need to write too much. 

So here are the things in my summer scrapbooking kit:

1. Craft knife, 2. Scissors, 3. Carry case or bag to store everything in, 4. Polaroid camera and film, 5. Washi washi tape, 6. Power pritt stick, 7. Your favourite pens, 8. Double sided tape, 9. Pretty bits and bobs to decorate your pages, 10. Glue dots, 11. Sketchbook or scrapbook, 12. Stickers and letter stickers. 

And here are some amateur tips I've learnt along the way:
- If you think you're going to be sticking a lot of things into your scrapbook (photos, travel tickets, stickers, etc) rip out a few pages before you begin to make sure the binding of your journal holds in place. 
- I don't like using glue on my polaroids so I stick them in using 3 strips of double sided tape on the back and two pieces of washi washi tape on the top and bottom to give them a nice little border.
- If you think you're going to be taking a lot of stickers with you (I LOVE stickers) you can buy really great little sticker books to keep them all in and save a lot of space. 

I hope everyone is having a good swinter so far and I will hopefully post pictures of my Cornwall scrapbook once I've added a few things into it (there may be a few Cornish Pasty receipts in there)

Lots of love Scarly. 


  1. Enjoy Cornwall, if you go to St Ives there is apparently a yarn shop selling sock yarn - two of my friends have independently of one another learnt sock knitting down there. I used to make holiday scrap books when I was little, maybe I need to do one for my holiday at the end of the month, you may just have inspired me :)

    1. I'm so pleased! and will definitely try to check out cornish yarn shops. Maybe I'll try to knit some scones...

  2. Brilliant idea - just make sure you get the knitted jam and knitted cream on the scone in the right order

  3. Great ideas! Yesterday, inspired by this post, I too made a little box filled with scrapbooking bits and bobs! Cannot wait to get all crafty! I'm so pleased your back to blogging and are feeling a bit better. I missed your wonderful posts, you're such an inspiring blogger! I need to go buy some wool too and start some more knitting, it's been too long! Enjoy your well deserved holiday! Lots of love xxx

  4. I always thought of Scrapbooking being daunting... but you have convinced me otherwise! Never thought of using a polaroid camera either ...

    So My wishlist is becoming quite long now hehe. Thanks for this fantastic inspiring idea!x


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