Twit Knit/Puppy Update

Hello :)

I have some very exciting pictures today but I MUST WARN YOU... they are so cute you might throw up.

It's officially only 10 DAYS UNTILL I GET THE PUPPY! We are getting a girl now (slight change of plans) and today me and my mum went shopping and bought her little bed, food bowl, toys, etc. I'm so excited I have started dreaming about her and waking up and feeling so sad that she isn't here :(

We went to visit her a few weeks ago and are going back this thursday but her lovely owner sent us these pictures today. Get ready...

10 days until the puppy also means I have to finish my twit knit project pretty quickly!! I found some BEAUTIFUL silky wool which I am doing my next square out of so that's very exciting.

I was trying to think of what time would be good to end the project on and although I don't know much about what it means I think the fourth of July would be a good day to say is the end. It's independence day so it could indicate us knitters becoming 'Independent' from our projects. If you are part of the Twit Knit Club tell me if you think this would be a good day to end. We could all send in all our pictures of our finished projects and have a little 'Twitter Celebration'

Here are the latest amazing Twit Knit Photos.

some of @bakebakegirl squares.

@bakebakegirls amazing daughter has knitted her blanket for her teddy.

@robynberry22 lovely colourful squares! she has done so many!

Happy Tuesday.

Love Scarlett.

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