Battenburg Love.

Now, I know this may look like I'm blogging pictures of a shop bought Battenberg but.. I MADE IT! ok fine so it doesn't look quite proffesional enough to come from a shop but I am so pleased with it I can't stop looking at the pictures (it was eaten within 10 seconds of completion) and I have already planned to make a purple Battenberg next.

Battenberg is one of my all time favourite cakes and after a week of pretty intense baking (2 trifles, a bread and butter pudding and some sticky toffee rice crispie squares), this was my finishing piece and it came out so well.

It was pretty tricky to get right and there were loads of times I thought it had gone completly wrong, the pink cake came out of the oven COMPLETELY brown and it was only when I cut into it that I found the beautiful pink middle.

If anyone else feels like giving it ago I found the recipe online and if you google 'Battenberg Recipes' you can find some pretty good ones (I used the BBC good food one)

And here are some new pictures of the Twit Knit Clubs AMAZING projects so far.

My little box of Twit Knit Squares.

Some very cool denim-looking squares by @bakebakegirl

A beautifully knitted grey square by @maudeapatow

@mhairigirl awsome stack of very impressive squares!

@nic361 HUGE red square. she is casting on 40 stitches!

I hope everyone had a great half term and if you are in the middle of exams - GOOD LUCK!

Love Scarlett x

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