Princess and The Pea.

My Little Princess...

For Christmas my dad gave me a book he bought in America called 'Itty-Bitty Toys' by Susan B. Anderson. It is the best. book. ever. When he gave it to me i had absolutely no idea how to make toys but this book is so clear and nicely written that i picked it up in a few days and have been knitting toys every since. I have always been obsessed with princesses and Lauren Child's princess and the pea is my favourite kids book of all time so when i saw this pattern in the book i was so excited! it took ages but i think it turned out really well. she is only 7 inches tall and her body is all knitted in one piece. next up i have to make lots of little mattresses and a pea pod but i wanted to post a picture of her on her own first. 

Tell me what you think!

Love Scarlett 

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  1. Hi Scarlett. I'm 35 and have only just started knitting right before my birthday a couple of weeks ago. My 11 year old daughter is learning too. You've inspired me to try different things and I'm going to look up the book your dad got you, to see if I can get one too!

    Stick with the blog. It's fab!

    Love Caroline



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