Koala Love...

Here is a picture of my little Koala. This is another pattern from the Itty Bitty Toys book and this one was really easy! its just two small knitted balls stitched together with little eyes and a nose stitched on. it was so much fun to make and i love the way it turned out. He also had an even smaller pink brother but he has been adopted by one of my friends...

I cant believe how nice everyone is being about this blog! I was so so terrified of making it and i have been trying to get the courage to for months now and i am so shocked and happy about all the tweets and comments i have been getting! it means so much to me (and the bunny's!). 

I am working on an old vintage dress tonight that i am adding a knitted waist-band and cuffs too. it sounds a bit strange but i think its going to look really nice! i will post pictures of it tomorrow. Night night knitters :) 

Love Scarlett 


  1. My own granny taught me how to knit, many, many years ago, when I was eight, and I don't remember ever knitting anything quite so cool and fun between then and now! I did make my son a Blobby Bunny, when he was two, but nothing else that isn't practical.

    I think I will Be buying the same book as you have learned from - the patterns look like really interesting knits.

    Thank you loads for sharing, and I think your knitting rocks.


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  3. Great knits!! You're very talented!! I have emailed this to my niece who's 14 and shares your passion for making and baking.

    Keep up the good work - and the dress sounds fab!

    from a middle-aged knitter x

  4. Aw! How cute is he? Does he have a name? Looks like a definite Ken to me.

    Looking forward to seeing the dress.


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