Muffins in an Egg Carton

Hello, first off and before I begin gushing about mini muffins, I just want to say how incredibly shocked and overwhelmed I was at the reaction to my last post. Something I didn't mention in it was that one of the things I have been finding scary recently is communicating with people on line. Sometimes I find the pressure of twitter and my blog just a bit too much and even though I know in reality there isn't any pressure at all, I have been having trouble with both of these things. But the loving, kind and thoughtful tweets and comments I got from people has completely renewed my faith that online people can be just as nice and in fact usually nicer than real life people. Now, back to the muffins. 

Last Sunday I decided to bake some muffins. I'm doing a baking themed project in my design and technology lessons and it requires me to find as many liquid based recipes as possible. That's obviously not the whole project because that would be the single oddest homework in history, but it is included. I found the recipe for the muffins here and it was the first muffins I've made that had a properly liquid batter. This made them very easy to pour and they were also very yummy. Wow, I can't believe I just said 'liquid batter'. That's pretty extreme...

Anyway I decided to make them mini because, well everything's just better when it's mini, and I cut out the walnuts because my little brothers hate nuts. I'd finished the muffins, they were cooling cool-y on the cooling rack and I began wondering what to do with them now. No one was home and I had a dozen mini muffins and nowhere to take them. Storing and presenting baked goods is one of the bains of my life. No jokes. I hate Tupperware and I can just never figure out what to do with everything I bake!

So, there I was, once again faced with the dilemma of storing my muffins, and then it hit me... AN EGG CARTON! I emptied out the eggs and held my breath, but guess what? The muffins fit! And they looked so cute, in fact they almost looked too cute. 

As you can tell I was pretty proud! They didn't stay fresh for that long but they looked so good that it really didn't matter! 

I hope everyone is having a lovely day/week/January even though I know that's not exactly possible! 

Lots of Love Scarly xx


  1. Oh this is just completely BRILLIANT. Imagine getting a whole egg box full of these as a present. Ooh, I think you can get egg boxes that hold a dozen!!

  2. Aww I'd love to open a box of eggs to find those


  3. Cute idea! Everything does taste better mini :)

  4. What an absolutely adorable idea! I know my kiddos would/will love this when I do it! Thanks for posting this!

  5. Brilliant cake packing idea. Gonna hoard egg boxes too now.
    Cakes look good too!

  6. What a great idea! I love your blog and I am always excited when you write a new post! As a teenager who loves to create (especially knitting and cooking) I love to be able to read a blog of someone the same age with the same interests.

    Lots of love

  7. Hello. I think that muffin is sticking its tongue at me! :) The muffins need protecting! Though they will enevitably come to a tasty demise! Muhaha! Sorry! J/k. #hearts

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  9. Plz never do that or you get Salmonella, sorry for my bad english.

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