Twit-Knit Club Project 2 Update & Final Projects

I am extremely ashamed at how long it has taken me to do the Twit-Knit Club update but finally here it is! And if I may say so myself it is pretty amazing. Not everyone is done yet so you are seeing a mixture of finished pieces and works in progress and also if I have forgotten to upload your picture please comment/tweet me/come over and scream at me. I loved this project. Probably more than the blanket if I dare to say it. It was the biggest and hardest pattern I have ever faced but I think I did pretty well! Although the baby does resemble a tooth. Everyone else had done SO well and I can't believe so many people took part. Take a look at the pictures:

My Little Monsters

Posy getting friendly

Two beautiful rainbow babies by @anigroeg7

Amazing ladybugs by @bakebakegirl

A teeny, tiny, adorable bunny by @HazelCatkins

INCREDIBLE camper vans by @megeroberts and @kateeroberts

The sweetest little bird by @rachel_hill

A lovely little bear by @Kimberley_Kate

@JessicaReynolds purple hippo so far.

I am SO impressed by this amazing Elephant by @emmapowell

@veganmel daughter Jas only has the sewing to go on her AMAZING bear.

@daniinthegarden progress so far.

@originalcoolski - See more on her blog about her Peppa Pig dolls. 

A very very cute owl by @maudeapatow

An INCREDIBLE cat by @_Sarah232

These frogs are amazing! - @goldenblades91 - See more on her blog

A lovely spider and pumpkin by @JennyJHoward

The brilliant head of @Mhairigirl monkey

@MrsVelvet has finished her last Twit-Knit Club Project. A beautiful blanket.

I hope everyone has been enjoying this project and if you have any more ideas for the next one please tweet me! 

Love Scarlett xxx

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  1. So excited to suddenly discover twitknit club, hope it will be ok to join in the next project. There are some lovely photos of what everyone has been up to.
    Best wishes


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